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Let’s Drink With The Locals: The 10 Best Bars In Budapest

Kisüzem   Those looking to passionately debate Hungarian political history will find themselves at home in this bar, set along what used to be a quiet street in the bustling Jewish Quarter. Local artists, Budapest’s left-wing intelligentsia, and international students from the Central European University comprise the regular customers.   Dzzs Bár   Dzzs Bár, […]

10 Must-see and unusual attractions in Budapest

Shoes on the Danube Promenade   A trail of iron footwear stands as a monument to the thousands executed along this riverbank during WWII.   In October of 1944, Hitler overthrew the leader of the Hungarian government, Miklos Horthy, and replaced him with Ferenc Szalasi.   Szalasi, whose ideology closely followed Hitler’s, immediately established the […]

17 absurd Hungarian expressions

Meet 17 of the funniest and craziest Hungarian idioms ranked from mild to weirdly absurd.   Hungarians don’t “jump for joy”, they are “as happy as a monkey about its tail” (Örül, mint majom a farkának).   Hungarians don’t say “Bullshit!”, they say “Horse dick!” (Lófasz!)   Hungarians don’t ask little children “Why are you […]