Let’s Drink With The Locals: The 10 Best Bars In Budapest

  1. Kisüzem


Those looking to passionately debate Hungarian political history will find themselves at home in this bar, set along what used to be a quiet street in the bustling Jewish Quarter. Local artists, Budapest’s left-wing intelligentsia, and international students from the Central European University comprise the regular customers.


  1. Dzzs Bár


Dzzs Bár, down the block from Kisüzem, attracts an eccentric and bohemian crowd of twentysomethings. Stopping by here on a late night can feel like being at the house party of your coolest friend. You can meet local film directors, painters, and musicians in this cozy space.


  1. Fekete Kutya


If you want to escape the annoyingly rowdy bachelor-party crews in Budapest’s party district but remain in the area, make your way to Fekete Kutya. Despite its location alarmingly near Kazinczy Street, the main artery of the neighborhood, Fekete Kutya has somehow managed to remain an unpretentious bar frequented by artistically-minded locals in their 20s and 30s.


  1. BÉLA


If Jedermann Café had a sister location on the Buda side, it would be a lot like BÉLA. This atmospheric space is part café, part restaurant, and part bar, with an eclectic interior featuring wooden floors, Persian carpets, and greenery hanging from the high ceiling.


  1. Központ


Located near the arched, red-bricked edifice signaling the entry of the old Jewish Quarter, Központ is a popular haunt of Budapest’s thirtysomething liberal establishment. During the day, Központ functions as a specialty café, drawing hipster foreigners who linger with their MacBooks for hours on end.


  1. Telep


Telep is a hopping Budapest bar in the heart of it all in District 7, the city’s main party area. Telep’s crowd will satisfy any hipster cravings you may be harboring—beards, fixie bikes, tote bags, and plenty of good-looking people abound here.


  1. Lumen Café Budapest


Head to Lumen Café if you’d like to avoid the tourist-heavy streets of the Jewish Quarter, but still get a cup of specialty coffee or craft beer in a hip neighborhood. With egg-based breakfast dishes (served until noon), a full-service kitchen, and a sleek interior featuring concrete and wood finishes, Lumen is more than your average neighborhood café and bar.


  1. Nemdebár


Buda is better known for its rolling hills and quiet streets than its bustling party scene. Even the denser, urban sections are noticeably short of remarkable bars with a unique character. One of the few exceptions is Nemdebár.


  1. Jedermann Café


Hans van Vliet, the owner of Jedermann Café, is a legendary restaurateur in Budapest with a genius for creating atmospheric, all-inviting places for everyone to enjoy (hence “Jedermann”, which translates to “everyone”).


  1. Nappali Kávéház


Budapest’s bars generally fall into two categories: on the one hand are myriad ruin bars offering an informal atmosphere and cheap drinks inside run-down premises, with posh cocktail bars on the other, where bartenders with chiseled jawline mix pricey cocktails of ingredients you’ve never heard of.


source: www.offbeatbudapest.com